Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 Months & counting

. 25lbs . 28in .
these are approximate, because it looks like she's gained 6 pounds in a month ... so either she had a huge growth spurt or I am bad at math! (edit:11/26: She's actually 21.5lbs, we used a different scale.)

  1. walking more than crawling
  2. talks : "dog", "God", "uh oh" , sometimes "yea"
  3. takes naps ALL BY HERSELF! YAY!
  4. eats solids all by herself! no more pureed foods. (still breastfeeding though)
  5. her favorite song is the "goodbye" song from Yo Gabba Gabba ... when we sing it she always waves goodbye
  6. high fives
  7. drinks from a sippy cup
  8. is going to be a big sister

She is growing up so fa.......wait what?!?! She's going to be a SISTER?!?! Are you crazy?! Nope. It was just a surprise from the Lord! We thought because it would probably take us just as long to get pregnant like it did with Clover (almost 2 years) we weren't too concerned about birth control. Well, we learned our lesson!!! I got really sick with Clover, but the Lord has been gracious, so far I only feel a little sick but mostly just STARVING!! (takes a break for a snack)

Where was I? Oh yea! So yes, we are excited but sometimes I get fearful. I get thoughts like, "I don't want to love another child, I love Clover! She's my little buddy, another baby will just take my attention away from her!" But then I remember the Lord's truths! He is Sovereign, and He planned this for me because He knew I could handle it and that whatever happens, it will help me grow in my faith. With Christ's love in me, I have the ability to love others, and that includes a second child. And after I get my mind set on things above, I get excited for what the future holds! Someone told me an awesome encouragement, The Lord gives you grace for what you're going through, He DOESN'T give you grace for what you think you might go through. Because you're not going through it, and you might not! Those are just sinful, worrying thoughts!

So for now we are calling the baby Crabgrass, so we can stick with the foliage theme! :) Pictures are from one of my FAVORITE photographer Jason Dolbier. I'll make a new post with more of my favorites.


  1. Learning to live His story for MY life has made all the difference, and I know it will for you too! His ways are best and you're just gonna love little Crabgrass! But, I must point out, eventually you will have to rename your blog, unless you start another just for Crabgrass. :) Or just rename it, "Different Blades of Grass." LOL. Congrats my friend! Love you and your fam!

  2. Crabgrass has too much of a negative connotation that may effect the growing child's disposition. If you want to stick with foliage (specifically grasses), I would recommend you start referring to the developing child as "Fescue," a resilient breed that adapts easily to its environment.

  3. Woop, woop! So it's now my turn to say a big congrats to you on your second one! So excited and happy for you guys, pregnancy - here we come again!:) Too bad we won't see each other at our check-ups anymore:(

  4. Congrats, how exciting! I relate exactly to the same thoughts about loving another child and taking your attention away from your precious little girl... I'm sure once the 2nd is here, we will both realize that God pours love into us that is enough for both and our ability to love will just grow beyond what we can imagine!!

  5. I too felt that way when I was pregnant with my second. Turns out that Chloe was the BEST present I could have ever given Emma. It is so sweet to see them together. But, really, enjoy the alone time with Clover. And a huge congratulations, that is so so exciting!

  6. Congrats!! That is such awesome news!! Now we just need to get you and Brian and your little "grasslings" back to Georgia!!!