Tuesday, May 24, 2011

17 Months & counting

. 23 lbs . tall .

new words: no . grandpa {finally} . I swear one day I heard her say "hungry" . church . bible . water {wah wah} . cheese .
can count to 3 {un ... toooo .... bweeee}
dances {loves the mary rice hopkins song "ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah" does anyone know what I'm talking about?}

well it's summertime and you know what that means!
and swim lessons
{i think she likes swimming with grandpa better}
{this is what happens when you give a child yogurt and leave them alone for awhile}

I am now 32 weeks pregnant and becoming quite a wide load.
update on my glucose test:
my regular dr said that he didn't think I had to do it and that my baby looked average
but then
I went back to the specialist and he was surprised that my dr thought that my baby was average. apparently my baby is in the 90% in head and weight.
gee thanks
so he would like me to take the 3 hr glucose test, and he wants to see me AGAIN right before the baby is born to see the results ... this is fine IF my baby showed any signs of being abnormal ... but this baby is perfect so far ... no problems .... just a little chunky
{geez, why the prejudice against chunky people??}

aw well
Im ready! Bring it, baby.


  1. I know what you're talking about in regards to Mary Rice! I am so excited to start listening to those songs with Aaron! :)

  2. Thats such a great picture of Clover and your dad! so precious :)

  3. Ok....THIS is why I was happy to have two c-sections!! Apparently, Adam had VERY broad shoulders and absolutely would not go down, and after the three days of labor to get ready for him I was more than happy to have the c-section! Maybe they are off a bit and the baby will be smaller than expected?

  4. My first daughter was Frank Breech so she had to come via c-section which meant unless I was completely adamant and willing to fight to have my second vaginally (can I say that on daytime blogging? ) she would come via c-section also.
    2nd daughter didn't NEED to be born this way but honestly, KNOWing when she was coming, was actually really kind of nice.
    I'll send up a quick prayer that all is well with this lovely 3 hr test.