Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like Father Like Daughter

I have successfully passed on some of my favorite characteristics to Clover
for example:
clothes: trying them on, shopping for them
wearing sunglasses w/o taking them off
swimming and hanging out in the sun
leaving hair bows and headbands on

but there are a few characteristics that cannot deny that she is also Brian's daughter too.
like rocks. she LOVES rocks.
licking rocks, collecting rocks, throwing rocks, eating rocks etc

{we went to travel town for our cousin Ben's 2nd birthday}
{this is what our family calls "the Bill Maneuver"
Do NOT try this}

{Clover rode with Nana so mommy and daddy could sit in the back aloooone}
{and do this......?}

well I guess if she had to have Brian's hobbies, I'm thankful those are them and not other things which will not be uttered for the public

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