Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye Arizona .... for now

we got to visit my Aunt Sue, Uncle Bruce and Grandma one last time before we move across the country.
They live in one of the most beautiful places {Prescott Valley, Arizona} and they are the most loving family you could ever ask for. They fill you to the brim with delicious food and have the best conversations.
Truly one of my favorite places to visit.
Unfortunately, I had a brain malfunction and took NO pictures of any of my family!
Well, it's not goodbye forever, just for a little while.

{Clover loves the slide}
{this time was a little too fast, but hilarious!}
{don't ask me how she fit on my lap}

{ummm...excuse me}
we'll be back one day

pregnancy update: did the 3 hr {4 hr} glucose test and SURVIVED!
I know some of you were worried.


  1. the pictures on the slide are priceless...i have an idea....don't move...then you can visit Arizona more often. and i'm thinking it's time for us girls to plan a night out.

  2. agreed ... why do the guys get a "guys night" when we're the ones with the kids all day, lets do it!