Friday, September 9, 2011

Crimson: 1 Month & counting

Taryn Crimson Snow Irby
. 9 lb . 5 oz . 22 in .
first outing was church at 1 week old
first baby shower, for my sister
first pacifier, I think I gave it to her the 2nd day she born. I just couldn't wait for the crying to stop!
great eater
hates when I eat dairy
at 2 weeks old was able to move her head side to side while on her tummy

all I can say about my little tare bear is that she likes to cry .... and cry ..... and if there's time cry some more
if she's not sleeping, she's crying and if she's not crying, she's sleeping
Brian had to move to Georgia to start work 2 weeks after she was born so while I had help during the day time, I was left quite alone in the night
I joined in on the crying a few times

dairy was part of the culprit
but the rest was just her little personality
fortunately for me as the weeks go on she has gotten better, don't get me wrong she is still a fussy baby but the Lord is good and when I would get to my breaking point, He was kind and gracious enough to give me a day off. And then back to crying!
I'm just learning to love my children according to their different personalities

we had some fun visitors
{surprise visit from the Irby's}
{great grandma Cogswell}
as for me, C-section recovery is so much harder!
I was walking around like an old lady for a couple weeks
missing coffee and ice cream :(
when I first stopped dairy I thought "big deal, I don't really eat dairy" ... then I started realizing what all I ate that dairy is in! MY coffee, ice cream, whipped cream, any meals with cheese in it like mexican food :( sad kenzie

{i wish they all could be california giiiiiiirls}
{tummy time is more fun for Clover I think}{baby feet!!!!!}
so Im playing catch up now that I have my computer back ... so look for the next posts coming soon:
move to Georgia
2 months & counting
another phone picture post

& my new favorite post theme:
only in Georgia

{by the way look how skinny my dad is!}


  1. I understand...I haven't had dairy in 15 years! I miss it very much! I also had a VERY fussy baby - Adam was extremely difficult. I thought I would lost my mind quite often. The best thing I did was put him in his crib...and walk out. Sometimes he cried for what seemed like an eternity, but those times I felt like throwing him across the room, I figured it was safer to put him in the crib and walk out so I could maintain my sanity and calm down! Much of the time he'd fall asleep or not! I'll pray for you....I feel for you.

    Becky B.

  2. Dad does look fabulous! It's amazing how disciplined he is and what a change we've seen. I can't wait until you see him buzzing around on his scooter when you come at Christmas! He's bought goggles, a face plate, a basket for groceries...and I'm sure there's more to come :)

    Thanks for updating your blog! I check it everyday just in case :) I miss you and the girls sooooo much...I can't wait to see you guys in October!!!!