Friday, September 30, 2011


one of the things I'll miss about living in Burbank
is living near the airport
{what? why?}

whenever we played in the back yard {or anywhere really} every so often a plane would fly right overhead and Clover would look around for it

one day she started saying "ping! ping!" and we could not figure out what she was referring to
{to me it sounded like an asian last name}
but soon we realized it was when she was looking for a plane
so now we call them ping's too

before we moved Brian took Clover down to the Burbank airport and parked on top of the parking structure to watch these pings one last time

{of course Muno + Broby had to go too}
{judging by the redness in her face, it was one of those hot days we had this summer}
{Clo saying "wooow"}


  1. Oh my cute! I miss you guys!

  2. soo cute!! i'm so thankful you have a blog!! it makes you feel closer! :) i couldn't watch the video, said it was private?? i've never seen that on youtube..if you make it 'unprivate', i'd love to see it! miss youu!!

  3. Ping, Papi, and Papa...a few of Clover's favorite things!!

  4. awww!! thanks for fixing the video! she's so adorable! :)