Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crimson: 2 Months & counting

. 11lb 6oz . 23 in .
{to compare with Clover, check out Clover's 2 Months & counting}

. milestones .

smiles A LOT
still cries A LOT {but not as much}
sleeps about 6 hours straight {praying for more, please Lord}
still eating great

month 2 has been full full full
first I'll tell you a little about my crim de la crim {yes, she has more nicknames then anyone could care for}

she is still a crier but it is SO much better, I've even been able to eat some dairy, in moderate proportions
she mostly cries just because she doesn't want to be alone, so it's nice that I don't always have to hold her, just be near her enough that she see's and/or hears me
she LOVES clover and clover loves her {blessing!}
clover likes to go up to her right in her face and say "hi, baby" and then give her lots of kisses
today when clover went and sat next to her, crimson looked at her and started beaming
when she cries clover will look concerned and say "uh oh"
{clover especially loves to poke her eyes and say "eye", yes clover that is an eye, but don't poke your sister. oh and go put some clothes on!}
{but even through the poking, they still love each other}
.....cue in the music from White Christmas, sisters, sisters.....

she had her first play date with her good friend Evy Rodriguez
{the first time didn't go over too well, I think Evy was too cool for her being 6 weeks older}
{but then they warmed up to each other}
{and then they started a cool girl posse, look at those sassy girls}

God bless us, everyone :)


  1. She's changed so much in just two weeks! So happy to hear she is doing well and giving you a's about time, little girl :)

    Tell Moochie and Pootie that Auntie loves them and misses them soooo much!!

  2. your girls are too all the pictures! and miss you friend!