Thursday, May 17, 2012

February 2012

and on to February
{can't believe I made it back to the computer so fast?? me neither!}

february was pretty random so this will pretty much be pictures with commentary  
{which are the best}

First I found this picture on my computer and I probably stared at it for about 5 minutes and could not tell if it was my husband or not .... for a reference look at the picture to to the right of the screen

Clover got so good at being potty trained, she can now multi task
I believe she is reading beauty and the beast
 the girls are really getting along good
 this is how the play
 clover met a giant mickey which obviously she loved
 baby started clapping
 and standing
 we did an impromptu visit up to Tennessee to visit Brian's long time friend Anthony and his family
which was a blast! thanks Anthony and Marjorie!!

then just 6 weeks {or so} after our visit....Whitney and her kids just couldn't stay away, and they came to visit us!
{thelma and louise}

{3 days old and they are doing all the same things ... like standing!}
{our counterparts}

{ and this is why we are best friends}
 wish we could live next door to each other!! one day ..... one day :)

 the month ended with this girl learning how to blow raspberries ... and it was HIL-arious!

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