Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clover - On The Road Again

Back when I was pregnant with Crimson I went to a good friend's baby shower {Elizabeth + baby Evelyn}
and her husband, Jesse {aka Uncle Jesus} came and hung out with Brian and Clover
and this is the result of that night

I'm just now sharing it because for the longest time I could not figure out how to put it on my blog!
well victory is finally mine


  1. Toooooo cute! I loved all of Clover's little faces:) I remember how Jesse would do such a good job doing all the media stuff for church all the time - such a fun video!

  2. I could NOT stop.laughing. I LOVE you guys! Less than a month, right??? EEEEEeeeee!!!!

  3. ok, i just love how content she is. it's like her face says, "i know you guys are up to something, but i don't know what it is... so i will just roll with it".