Thursday, June 14, 2012

May 2012

brian's off of work! 
{sort of, if you know brian he is never not working on something}

it's not summer without 

 memorial day

flowers are blooming so beautifully and Clover loves to smell them
 this is one blossom! they got so big, but I don't know what they are!

and summer here is a little different
we get to experience lightening bugs, every night!

 making memories with my girls!

what we don't have pictures of, is that we are finishing off our basement
brian has been working on it every spare second he has
framing, running electrical wire throughout, plumbing, sheet rocking, mudding
all by himself {with help for the electrical}
we're going to be having a young seminary couple live with us for a little while, while the husband is finishing seminary
we were wanting to do use our house somehow for ministry, that's why we got a bigger house, but we thought it'd be a couple years....and the Lord just had this fall into our lap
so now as we are preparing to fly to california in a week and a half, and we are spending more money than we originally calculated....we are continually reminding ourselves that the Lord is good and provides.

with all that said and done.....I have officially caught you up to what is going on in the Irby household
yay...good did it....
now for a celebratory cookie dough treat ;)
{and maybe some sit ups afterward to work it is summer after all....swim suit season {shutter} }

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  1. I love the watermelon pics. Have a blast in California!