Sunday, June 3, 2012

March 2012

and on to March in our catch up
{didn't think I'd come back, did you!}

March was relatively calm
we mostly hung around the house

Clover got her first baby of the only doll's I'll allow her to have
{I am very much not a fan of dolls, too creepy. But this one is a Princess Aurora baby doll and the eyes don't blink...pretty cute}
I participated in instagram's March photo a day with some friends which was fun

 {waiting for daddy to get home}
 I went on an AMAZING date...with the hottest guy I know
we started our never ending painting of the house
starting with the dreaded ceilings ... ugggghhhhh never again!
they were a tan color and made everything look so we painted all the ceilings white
the south is rubbing off on Brian
{remember this}

we started venturing outside now that the cold is going away


  1. Oh you wait...two girls? You'll be hearing about American Girl dolls sooner than you think!!!

  2. 1.this makes me miss you!
    2. i can't stop people from getting nay dolls no matter how hard i try. we do weekly trips to the goodwill.
    3. my kids wait by the window for caleb to come home too. so cute. really did hit the jackpot with your hubby:) we have your picture on our fridge and everyone who sees it thinks it's for real. i don't correct them.
    5. and i didn't comment, but your last video of on the road again clover addition was awesome.