Thursday, September 27, 2012

june 2012

at first I was going to try to do a super duper in a nutshell update of the past 3 months ... but than it turned into a realllly long drawn out picture slideshow

so I'll just try to catch up in a timely manner


the guy from starbucks gave us this clover mug free .... because we're special
 also because we are special, we took a couple's photo to document our awesomeness
 baby ate a smiley face
 clover found a magical land
 celebrated 33 years with this guy
 finished off the rest of our basement in a month
tried the "photography" thang ... but for a friend :)
{by the way...sweetest baby EVER!}
 did VBS music. live with Balding Brian and Crazy Kenzie
embarrassed Darby
 he got us back
baby started walking
 flew to california
can't forget these guys
exposed this wild child to the germiest floor ... cannot sit still!
 ate at the most magical place full of rainbows and happiness

more to come!


  1. YAY a kenzie blog!!! love seeing all your adventureS! :)

    and glad to know you got down off that roller coaster... you never did update us all!! :)

    1. no I'm still up there! I just decided to start updating my blog while I'm waiting ;) ha!

  2. Loved this post! So funny! And I LOVE that picture of little Ruby!!! It's amazing :) So, tag, you're it!!

    1. NO! {jk} but I don't think I could handle what you do!

  3. Fun post. It made me smile for many reasons!