Tuesday, October 9, 2012

july 2012


the best month becaaaaause
I was born {and so was crimson}
I kid I kid
actually birthdays for me don't really mean much anymore....I keep thinking Im 23 still {I know random age, right?} 
but 26...really?? it can't be.

and crimson turned one....the little stink decided NOT to come on my birthday despite the squats and stair stepping I was doing...but God decided 5 days later was better for his schedule :)

most birthdays these days usually consist of over eating on good food
and since this year we were with my fam, I chose......
my dad makes the best tacos
and if you want to fight about it....lets do it!

and we spent my birthday at the best place ever too!

{cue the picture reel}
 "that was a spiceh meat-a-ball"
she obviously looks more like her dad
 best buds
 fun story {not}:
I haven't done any water activities since before I was pregnant with clover, so the first time I decide to boogie board I get harassed by a jelly fish
and a fun fact:
I love the beach, hate the ocean...I'm always terrified something is going to touch me, bite me, grab me, whatever to me. 
so yea....not going in the water again
 pretty cool bunch of people here
 saw Brave with Clover ... it was super special
 celebrated 4th of july

 saw an old friend, we have like the same life except I have girls she has boys and we live across the country from each other
learned to ride the princess bike Panka bought her

 walked to swim lessons
 dressed up like cows for free Chikfila
went to the beach again {not in the water}
 hung out with some pretty awesome people and took some pretty awesome awkward pictures
but I'll be kind and keep them private :)
 hung out with two of the best people I know, irbussellpilo's...we all live in different states now :(
 went to the aquarium {not in the water}
hung out with Shiloh and this guy a lot {ya olympics!}
 Clover got eaten by cannibal babies
lots of nights like these....ahh I miss the weather there!
 first pair of toms
 first real pedicure...waaaay better than mommy can do
 disneyland with great friends
 miss you girls!!! and jack jack even though you're not in the pic!
 and ended the month with a bang....
funny faces

be looking for some only in the south posts coming up! I've been collecting a few good ones! :)

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  1. somehow i missed your july update! i think you need to come back to regular blogging. makes it feel like your not so far away.