Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Babies of 2011

there have been a ton of babies being born lately
and within the last year a lot of my close friends that I've grown up with have had babies

so we documented
first with our pregnancies
{jennie, elizabeth, me, carla, elyse, and meghan}
equal amount of boy's and girl's
although meghan and elyse were like barely pregnant, so they didn't know what they were having at the time

then after they were born
Carla ditched us for the follow up shoot {just kidding she's has 2 older girls and had a hard time getting together with us} and instead we were joined by our friend Emy, who was pregnant at the time of us taking our preggo pics but she hadn't told anyone yet!

Jennie, I have known for like 20 years! She is pretty much my older sister! And I will always remember the scary story she told me years and years ago which totally freaked me out for a looooong time :)
Elizabeth is the newest friend, but I've been friends with her husband {whether he admits it or not, we were ;) } since I was in high school. And Elizabeth is just the sweetest, easiest person to get along with. So of course, even after knowing each other just a couple years, I already feel like we've known each other forever!
Elyse is not just like a sister, she is biologically my sister. So of course we're close :) And it is so fun to be pregnant and have babies with your sister.
Meghan started out as my sister's friend. But now Im blessed to call her mine. And I've know her probably since high school? Although we didn't become close until like 7 years ago when she let me use her phone to call my boyfriend {brian} while we were at a women's retreat because my phone didn't get service ;)
Carla is my sisters age, and so like Meghan, we didnt start becoming friends until the past few years even though I've known her family forever. The Lord has especially used her to encourage me while struggling to get used to have 2 kids so close in age. She also has 2 little girls very close in age.
And finally, Emy. We've gone to church together since we were little but got to know each other better in high school when we were in the same small group and she witnessed me cry; which is such a big deal because I never cried and was known for never being taken seriously. Our relationship is pretty much summed up in sarcasm and awkward moments, and it is awesome :)

this wasn't even everyone! just a small chunk of the 2011 babies.
this is one of the reasons it was so hard to move away.
I miss you guys, I wish I could watch your kids grow from up close and not a distance
we definitely have to plan some arranged marriages!

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  1. Such a blessing to make these memories with good friends!