Tuesday, April 1, 2014

indie: 2 Months & counting

2 Months & counting
. 12 lbs 3 oz . 24 in .

{in comparison}
clover : 12 lbs 4 oz . 23 in .
crim : 11 lb 6 oz . 23 in .

poor indie has 3rd child syndrome...getting forgotten on this blog!
I'll try my best...but be prepared for being bombarded as I try to catch up!!

. milestones .

started smiling 
holding head up
sleeps great at night ... not so well during the day

the first couple of months was full of learning::
learning how to skype with 3 kids

learning how to go to ballet with 3 kids
learning how to take 3 kids to a movie 
{Frozen of course! And at least I had my mom and dad for the first time!}
learning how to keep the older two girls out of trouble while nursing or rocking the young one
learning how to go to a christmas parade and keeping 3 little ones warm when it's freezing out
{yes that would be indigo piled in blankets pressed up against my body}
 by the way, this small town parade was awesome and hilarious
at one point they had the senior citizen's riding in a trailer with a cage around them! lol!!

this little baby is the sweetest baby!
3rd times a charm, so I've been told
she started out pretty gassy.....they were nasty
they honestly smelled like grown man gas
but she grew out of that praise the Lord


 meeting her panka for the first time

 she looks a lot like clover
{bottom pic is clo mc joe}


  1. Hi! I'm not really a blog reader, but I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest. I love it! Also, love your name, that's what we named our 4 week old daughter. Her name is Kensington but we call her Kenzie. :) Anywho I love how you did your newest babies month pictures. How did you do that?! I'm going to try and figure it out but would love your help if possible! Thank you! God bless!!

    1. thank you! I love the name Kensington!

      I would just lay her on the same blanket. And then the frame is just an empty frame with a piece of burlap underneath. And I downloaded a simple free editing app (Moldiv) on my phone, and added the text that way. Then I saved it from the app to my phone album/uploaded to instagram or facebook.