Sunday, April 6, 2014

indie: 5 Months & counting

5 Months & counting
. 14.9 lb . 26 in .

{in comparison:}
clover 14.6 lb . 26 in .
crimson 13.9 lb . 25.5 in .
. milestones .

puts everything in her mouth

after trying and trying to roll over this girl finally gave up!
she is easy peazy and I guess she also lacks in motivation to try anything thats hard 
that's okay, makes my life easier for the time being

the few things she has inherited from her sisters::
a hate of the car
a hate of the nursery/strangers

all my girls cried in the car until the day we switched them to a front seating carseat
and all my girls cry for people in the nursery until a certain age, and then something flips and they love going to church and can't wait for me to leave
{although right now crimson is having a minor setback with that, today I told her I would tell teacher karyn not to give her a snack if she cried...and you know what?! she didn't cry. I guess snacks mean a lot to her}

 i love how he loves our babies
 bringing fanny packs back into style
 baby friends
there has literally been about 12+ babies born in the past few months
 family walks have changed ... clover's world has been rocked>>she actually has to {gasp} walk!

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