Monday, April 21, 2014

indie: 6 Months & counting

6 Months & counting
. 15 lb . 26 1/4 in . 

{in comparison}
clover --> 14 lb 7 oz . 26 in .
crim --> 15 lb . 26 in .

. milestones .

two teeth
first laugh {real laugh and not just a chuckle}
rolls over {finally!}
first really high fever :(

all my kids get there teeth pretty young, but this the youngest yet!
and they all come at once too
I guess they're meat eaters like me ;)

nana came to visit again! yay
 {doing a princess puzzle and holding a happy one asked her to do the puzzle .....?}
it's a little harder to get around when she visits now
my sister just moved here with her two girls, so when we went anywhere we had five kids to tow along 
{I finally get a great picture, where they're all smiling normal...and my giant finger photo bombs!}
we went to the outlets one day and we had two double strollers and a single stroller
we were our own personal parade
we should start tossing out candy wherever we go and maybe people will cheer

indigo has not laughed up until this point
she would chuckle, but she really made you work for it
it turns out the beeping of a check out thingie {what in the world is that called?!} at a grocery store is all it took
we were total weirdos standing there filming her laughing as people were checking out.....everyone was looking at us, but I don't care what they're going to say...let the storm rage on the stares never bothered me anyway

as you can tell from the above sentence we've seen frozen 5 billion times
indie's first words are probably going to be 
"nope" "in summmmmerr" "for the first times in forever" "I don't know if I'm elated or gassy" "cut to the heart cold and clear" "we finish each others sandwiches" "frozen" "let it go"
 or any other one liner from that movie

a sad milestone is indie got her first high high fever {it got up to 103 at one point}
if this fever had been with either of the first two, I probably would've freaked out more
but being on the third it's kind of expected :(
having my mom here helped me not get too anxious
ever since we started going back to church, all those bugs we were trying to avoid until warmer weather just waited for us, and we are getting them all now
even the dreaded stomach bug I thought we'd missed
nope, it lurked in a unwashed corner of a bathroom or nursery room, waiting, watching for us until the opportune time when it attacked!!
{has anyone seen that commercial that talks about the flu like it's a serial killer??? lol it's hilarious...until you get it, and then you start looking at the flu like it is a maniac killer on the loose!}
indie finally rolled over!
she decided ... " mom is getting a little too comfortable sitting on the couch"
and now she's a rolling everywhere
chewing with those cute little sharp teeth on anything she can roll to and get her hands on
{including huckleberry}
well now you know
the more you know...
{for example...we like to go to the Disney store to see and touch all the things that we aren't going to buy, my kids will never struggle with entitlement ;) }

remember only in the south??
I got a couple of those up my sleeve
keep a look out!

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