Friday, February 19, 2010

2 Months : Clover vs. Bladder Infection part 2

Weight: 12lbs 4oz
Height: approx 23in. (i had to measure myself)

2 months already!? ahh where does the time go! Well, do you like my title? I DON'T! yes, another bladder infection. That makes 1 bladder infection a month since she's been born. I don't like how these numbers are looking! :( Yesterday I was on a walk with my friend and her daughter, Clover was acting fussy which is not like her. I took her temperature and sure enough is was a little high, not too high but since she has a medical past I called the dr. Positive for bladder infection .... BOO! Praise God I caught it so soon, and another praise is that since she is 2 months old we didnt have to be admitted into the hospital! YAY!!!!! Instead we got nice one big shot in the thigh of antibiotics (so not looking forward to her vaccinations!) and we have upped the dosage of her daily antibiotics to 2 times a day, yuck!
If her fever stays down we can still have our test on Monday to see if there is any blockage in the bladder/ureter/kidney area. Please pray for the doctors and that we can figure out what exactly is going on so we can fix it!! It's at 10:30am at Children's Hospital. We meet with the dr the same day to get results (another praise). We have a great doctor, Dr. Koh, so sweet and pro active.

Now on to Clover's accomplishments up to date:
sleeps through the night 9pm-6am (not soundly but she does stay down)
wiggles and squirms to get right up next to ya
raises her head 45 degrees and can hold her neck pretty steadily
can sit up with help (a good amount of help)
she smiles and kinda laughs
can keep the pacifier in her mouth by herself, most of the time
knows my voice and looks at me when I start talking
follows me with her eyes as I walk back and forth in front of her

okay so some of these shes still working on, but I'm so proud of her! God has truly blessed me. I know I know I'm bragging, but this is MY blog so whatcha gunna do? I will make sure to update after her test ... thanks for the love & prayers!!


  1. Love reading your blog and getting the info on Clover. She is precious.
    Y'all are in our prayers. Keep us updated. You and Brian are great parents, but I new y'all would be. Just remember the Lord is always there for y'all.

  2. Love you guys and will definitely be praying!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the infection. We're praying for you guys. Keep us updated.