Thursday, February 4, 2010

Woes of babyhood ...

Our most recent adventure is a diaper rash ... NOOOO! it's gone now but it tormented this little girl for several days! we have had plenty of air time to help which consists of Clover sitting butt naked in front of an open window :) good thing shes got such a cute butt!

When she was feeling better we had a photo shoot ... because shes just so darn cute!

Which she grew tired of quickly!

Today Clover actually smiled BACK AT me twice for the first time. Every other time she has smiled at us we can't tell if she's doing it on purpose or if she is just smiling. But today there was no mistaking it. I was about to change her diaper and I smiled at her and said "Hi" and sure enough a huge grin lit up her face ... so I did it again ... and so did she! She hasn't done it since but it made my day for sure!

We took her to Americana for her first outdoor adventure. This is the face she makes when I kiss her in public "aww mom your embarrassing me!"

In conclusion, I LOVE being a mom. After I delivered Clover I said I NEVER wanted to do that again! I also couldn't imagine sharing my love with another child, I love Clover so much and I want to spend all my time and energy just raising her. But now that I see how big she is getting & how smart she is getting, I want another baby. They are just so sweet & funny! Oh well, we'll see what happens ;)


  1. Sure sounds like you are having fun! You are right she is adorable! It really is so fun having kids :)

  2. She's precious! Grayson smiled when he was pooping--must be a boy thing. Glad you're loving being a mommy. Wish you could be a mommy here so us two mommies could hang out together!

  3. she is so beautiful! i think she looks just like you.

  4. She is so precious. We loved meeting her. We need to get together more often!

  5. haha i said the SAME thing after allea.....and now i do want another. But it is still hard thinking of loving another one as much as the first!