Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day ... 2 days late

Our Valentines day was low key. We slept in, ate pizza, watched a movie and took pictures. the end. but it was still the best valentines day ever because of Brian and Clover <3

Clover went on her first vacation, Palm Springs! It was a girls weekend, me, Clover, my mom, and my sister. Clover got to see ducks, sit by the pool and went to the outlets for the first time. Lets hope she gets my genes and not my moms in the "outlet area". My mom ALWAYS wants to go there and she'll tell you she just wants to go to 1 store and she'll end up being there all day! Whereas I don't ever want to go ever. NEVER! Clover also found out she's going to have a cousin! Elyse and JohnDavid announced they are pregnant. Her due date is October 5th. The shirt in the picture says Im the Big Cousin (in case you couldnt read it) I predict it's a girl!

Congratulations Elyse & JohnDavid!!


  1. Congrats to Elyse and John David!! I know you guys are super excited!! Clover is sooo cute--I just want to hold her!

  2. Chris told me a couple of weeks ago about John David and Elyse!!! I'm soooo stinkin' excited! and I can't wait to see y'all!!!

  3. FUNNNN!!! i love the action grandma paci shot!! :) :) :)