Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lets Catch Up

So sorry it's been awhile. My computer was in the "shop" for about a week and I just about went crazy without it! Then it came back and my in-laws were in town so I had no time.

BUT I'm back! so whats new with you?

What's new with me? well, here we go ...

Another Disneyland trip! Whoooo! We were caught in a fishing net, saw the pixar parade (which was awesome) and Clover wanted her picture taken in front of the C and the A of the CALIFORNIA sign. She's already so independent. We met Mickey and Pluto ... Clover thought Mickey tasted VERY tasty.

Clover got a new car ... she's so spoiled already.

I decided to paint our room and the baby room. I like to paint and not to brag but I think I'm very good at it. I can do it fast and neat. But, I have never tried painting a room while being a mommy. SO HARD! It took me four whole days to do one room! But after that we got a new bed and did a little photo shoot with Clo Clo.

The biggest news in our household is .....

Brian graduated ... YAAAAYYYY

We decided that he would not go on for another degree, so we are officially done-zo. Brian's mom, dad, brother and maw maw flew out. This was the first time Maw Maw and Michael met Clover, so it was very busy and exciting having them here.

And not only that but Clover went to her first birthday party for her cousin Ben. They had a huge bounce house and a monkey head cake. It was a ton of fun, I think Brian and I had more fun in the bounce house than Clo.

Pretty much this has been such a busy weekend, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. And now you are up to date, and as for me I will be keeping up with the posts now I have a computer and I'm going to go rest!

In the words of Bill and Ted ... "Be excellent to each other and party on dudes"

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