Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thankful to be Wrong

I never thought I would ever enjoy being wrong .... well I was wrong about that! and this ...

Clover has been doing so well ... we hadn't seen a doctor for awhile and I started getting antsy. Clover's urine has started smelling, but I thought maybe it was just me. Then it got so stinky that I knew I wasn't being paranoid. So we called the doctor and he let us come see him just a couple hours later.

Does this look like a girl with an infection?? I don't think so!


He didn't even have to sample the urine, he told us since it's an "open system" it will have a smell but as long as she eats, isn't fussy, and has no fever she is fine. WHOO! And as soon as he looked at it I felt much more at ease, it was good just to let him see it and tell me it was normal. PHEW.

Clover said her first word : Uh Oh. Not on purpose or else she'd be a genius and I'd sell her to science ... JUST KIDDING! Please don't call child services on me :) Here's a preview. don't mistake Brian's "uh oh" for Clover's . hope you can tell the difference!

Clover also helped daddy fix his engine on his Mustang, I think he needs a baby boy.

Coming up next in the Irby's lives:
Visit to Arizona leaving tomorrow morning at 1am(so Clover sleeps the majority of the time in the car, it's a 7 hour drive), to see Great Grandma (GG)
Introduction to solids starting in June
First plane ride - to Georgia in July where she will get to meet all her new baby friends (our friend's babies)

we got a busy summer ahead ... hopefully I'll be better at updating! And to end this full update, here is a picture of Clover falling over . enjoy .


  1. Hey Girl! I'm so glad to hear that all is well with Clover, she is such a cutie! I am having fun keeping up with your blog... fondly remembering our waiting room convos:)

  2. Isn't it amazing how much they change your life?? It's so exciting to see her doing well and growing!