Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Boy!

No I'm not pregnant. Thought I would just state that because sometimes people take the littlest sentence and turn it into something bigger. Not that any of YOU would do that! NO! ;)

Well it takes me longer to do posts now, Clover is A-C-T-I-V-E!! That is the one consensus everyone gives, "She's going to be a handful" they say. Yes, I know, I know. So right now she is dead asleep beside me. I will try to type silently. And of course as I write that, her eyes pop open. So now I will save this little tid-bit and come back later to finish.

And I'm back!

So we went to Arizona to visit my Grandma Dorothy, Aunt Sue and Uncle Bruce. It is a 7 hour drive!!!! So on the way out we left at 1am and it was good, Clover slept. The way home was a completely different story, she cried the whole time except for when she was asleep. Ugh! On the way home we stopped by my other Grandpa's house and it was his first time meeting his little Great-Granddaughter. Fun.

My Grandma has one dog, my aunt and uncle have 2, we have 2 and my aunt's sister brought over 2. So one day we had SEVEN dogs in the house. It was AMAZING. I love little dogs, especially fluffy ones. :)

While we were there we went shopping and Clover got 2 pairs of sunglasses, and a cute zebra beach towel, getting ready for swim lessons. One of my aunts owns a swim school
and will be teaching her as soon as we get the doctors "Okay".

There is this BEAUTIFUL! hike around a lake and through some mountains that we've gone on before (never with a baby). Its about a 7-8 mile hike. Last time we took one of our dogs and I ended up carrying him half way. This time we had Brian, me, Elyse(my sis), Clover in a jogging stroller and Indiana(my dog). Wow, we didn't even make it half way before we had to turn around. For some reason we thought we would go in the middle of the day and heat (no shade), bad idea. Indiana was tired, Clover was crying almost the WHOLE time. Ugh, miserable. Hopefully we learned our lesson! hopefully ....

All in all, great trip though. We love it there, it is beautiful and relaxing. And it is in a higher elevation so it doesn't get as hot. Miss you Cogswell fam!

Things still to update on soon:
  1. It was Brian's birthday yesterday, so there will be an update on that
  2. We went and took pro pictures at the beach today, which was also Clo's first time at the beach
  3. Clover is turning 6 months on the 19th!!! ahh!
  4. Urology/Ultrasound appointment on the 21st, checking up on those kidneys ... it's been over 2 months since we last had an infection! WHOO!
  5. Georgia visit July 1-13 (mark your calendars GA people!)


  1. I am marking my calendar right now!! We definitely want to have you guys over so our little ones can play!! And yes... I was one of those who thought you might be pregnant!! Ha! Ya just never know with you two!!

  2. YAY!!!! I can't wait to see y'all, and MAYBE the mini-cooper will make his grand appearance while y'all are here!!!

  3. just read your blog. Loved the updates and the adorable pictures BUT...I do not approve of the dates for your trip to GA! A birthday without my birthday buddy? So sad! You will be sorely missed and my(our)birthday will not be the same without you to celebrate it with.