Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday to my man. My hubby is "officially" in his 30's! 31 to be exact! Yes, he robbed the cradle :)

What did he get for his birthday?
I'll let you recover from that for a minute.

Yup that's right a motorcycle. I DID approve. It's a pretty awesome Harley and I only agreed to it after he promised me he would be safe on it. Not one of the motorists who speed through cars and cut them off. It's mostly to save gas and now he and his friend, Ryan, can go on trips through pretty scenery.
We celebrated by going to the Tam O' Shanter for delicious prime rib. yum-o.

The next day we tagged along with our friends, the Shaw's so the photographer extraordinaire, Jason, could take really awesome pictures of all of us in Malibu. It was Clo's first time at the beach, and it was coooold! When we sat her in the sand for the first time she did what was to be expected, she grabbed some sand and put it in her mouth. GROSS. By the end of the photo shoot her feet and lips were blue, so we bundled her up and drove home. It was a great day.

To end this post I will give you these HILARIOUS pictures of Clover. I was outside picking up the dog poop and Clover was staring at me from inside. I was laughing soooo hard, and I hope you do the same. :)

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  1. Awesome Pictures...and I laughed too. Happy Birthday Brian!!! Lets all hang out again soon.