Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Test Results are in ......

E. COLI!! Now this may not sound like good news to some of you, but to us "e. coli" are sweet sweet words on our tired ears. (for those who don't know, e.coli is good because it means we get to stay home and treat with general antibiotics). We saw the urologist yesterday, and he is thinking that this is probably just a coincident UTI. Unless she gets another one, we won't worry about it. Girls tend to get UTI's easier than boys. E. Coli pretty much comes from poo, so now we are just going to be extra EXTRA careful when wiping her and make sure we get EVERYTHING!!!

Now that we got the good news, what are we going to do now .....

I'm going to DISNEYLAND! (seriously)

There is some bad news though, we are now going to be back on oral antibiotics long term. :( At least its only going to be once a day. But it is not fun! It's so sticky, and those who know me well, now that I HATE sticky!! (My poor kids). One of my biggest "ew" feelings is seeing a child with an ice cream or popcicle dripping all of their hands and face. "eww" just thinking about it makes me want to go take a shower!! Here is a picture of Clover taking her antibiotics ... she's so good.
We go back to the urologist sometime in 4 months for another ultrasound and check up. He said everything looks good and that now we can give Clover a regular bath, meaning fill up the tub more. Up until now we couldn't let water be above her little incision/hole/stoma/2nd belly button (whatever you feel like calling it). And Clo can go into a swimming pool now too, so she is going to start swim lessons sometime soon with my Auntie Steph; she owns a swim school down the street from where we live. So much exciting stuff going on!

Georgia trip: T-minus 8 days. Southerner's get ready for some Cali


  1. So happy to hear it was overall good news for you guys! God's peace is definitely very evident in your life and I praise Him for it! Continuing to pray for ya'll!

  2. Yay! What good news! I was so worried you were going to have to cancel your trip to GA once again!! We can't wait for you guys to be here!

  3. We're totally on the same page with the "sticky". I HATE seeing Kathryn with ANYTHING on her face or hands. I'm constantly wiping her face and hands off. It's gotten to the point now though that she'll just come up to me and say, "Mommy, I need you to wash my hands please.".
    So see, persistance pays off! :)

    Ps. SO happy it's only E.Coli! Continuing to pray for you guys!

  4. yay! praising the Lord for you guys!! :) love love LOVE that you went to disneyland! Was this clover's first time??

  5. I am so glad you got good news. Oh and that sticky thing, bless your heart. haha By kid #4 you will be sooooo over that. :)