Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ready Ready Swim

"Ready Ready Swim" is the phrase I grew up with. It is what you say before you dunk the kids head under water. Eventually they learn to take a breath when they hear those words.

This is a little belated. Clover has had 2 "official" swim lessons, but plenty of swim time also. She LOVES the water and kicks her feet on her own ... so cute. One problem she does have is she likes to drink the water ... not so nice on the belly.

My Aunt (as I have said before) owns a swim school, so after the closing we get our "special" lesson. My aunt has been teaching at this swim school since she was in high school and she doesn't teach lessons anymore, but we brought her out of retirement! LOVE YOU AUNT STEPH!

I've got a little swimmer on my hands. I think if we ever own a house, we will need a pool ... hey, since Clover is doing well, why don't you all start praying for that!! Thanks!


  1. awww the swim school!! SOOOO many memories!!! :)

  2. Bring her over and we can go swimming together!