Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fabulous Updates

So I was informed that I need to make more updates. Sorry! It's a lot harder with a wandering crawler/cruiser. (I just found out what "cruiser" meant)

Update One:
Clover LOVES food! It makes me a little jealous how much more excited she gets for food rather than for me. Alas, my girl must grow up. She has tried zucchini and applesauce. Her face is PRICELESS. She didn't like the zucchini at first but now she does. Here is what she looks like while I feed her oatmeal, HER FAVORITE! Can you tell?

Update Two:
Remember how I said Clover loved swimming? Well now she has a swimming buddy, courtesy of Traci Buckner. Thanks Traci, she loves her duck! His name is Jeffrey.

Update Three:
Today we had a play date with Clover's best friend Allea! My best friend's daughter. It was so fun to see them actually be able to interact with each other. Although, Allea is a little bit of a bad influence. She had a poo stain on her pants, I'm not sure I want Clover to learn that. :) Sorry Whit, I outed your daughter ;)

Allea actually took this last picture ... isn't she beautiful?

We met up in Huntington Beach, her sister lives on the harbor in a beautiful and huge house. I've decided this is where I'm going to live. Now I just need a couple million $ to make that happen. Any donations? It goes to a good cause.

Update Four:
We are going to Georgia tomorrow! AH! So soon! Looks like Clover is ready to go. Let's pray I don't get "mono" again (that was sarcasm, I know it's hard to tell through blogging)

More to come:
1. Weekend Trip to Shaver Lake
2. Clover's 8 Months & counting
3. More veggies!
4. Oh and I broke my toe ... not so fun and not so straight anymore (the toe, I mean) :)


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  2. I love her happy eating face - I can definitely relate to that expression:)