Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the baby who could fly

Another trip on an airplane has come and gone in Clover's young little life. How did she do, you ask? Splendid, is my reply. Why am I talking like this, you ask? Well, kind sir, I've decided to be more classy. Indeed.

Let's just pretend that first paragraph didn't happen, and move on to the rest of this update.

Clover did AMAZING! The Lord was so kind and allowed our 2 flights on the way out to Georgia to be half full, and we got a row to ourselves. So we placed Clover in the seat between us and she played by herself for majority of first flight. AND on the second flight, she slept for 3 hours of it, which is also mirculous! Thank you, Lord.

This trip to Georgia was a whole lot less stressful. My bodacious Brian preached at church on Sunday and he did awesome. Although, I didn't get to hear it in person (not to name names, but SOMEONE was in the nursery crying and I got called out) but many others have testified to his awesomeness.

We had a great time hanging out and catching up with some old friends and made some new friends. Clover has some new friends that are coming into the world soon, and some who just made it out (barely; Ashley, we thought he'd never come!) ;)

The best part about the trip? (sorry, I'm about to get graphic) I didn't get bit by a ton of bugs, pass out in a mall, throw up in a car, OR get mono/strep throat/whatever it was I had this last trip out. YAY ME! Things are looking up for Mackenzie L. Irby! Yes siree!

Now we are back home getting ready to go on vacation AGAIN! But to a lake house. So excited! I'll be back later to blog/brag about Clover's 8 month mark!

Good day sir, I say, good day.


  1. i love that last shot... nice modesty clover! haha!! i love it!!

  2. Most excellent post, I say, most excellent post. Indeed. Cordially, Shone Spencer

  3. Um...you blew your "classiness" with the "graphic" paragraph!! Nice try, though!! We loved seeing you guys and we're hoping that you can MOVE here soon!! Miss you already!