Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 Months & counting

. 16lbs 12oz . 26 3/4in .

. Milestones .
  1. cruises
  2. has her 3rd tooth
  3. went on her 2nd plane trip across country
  4. says "mama", "dada" and "nana"
  5. waves ... although it just looks like a raised fist
  6. has now eaten & likes zucchini, carrots, apple sauce, apple juice and thanks to her rebellious auntie, lemonade
  7. she STILL doesn't do well in the church nursery, and I get called out every Sunday (but secretly love it)

I have so much fun with this little girl, I call her my "mini-me". Her personality is showing more and she is more relational ... we can get her to laugh just by having fun with her, not just tickling. She likes to make us laugh. Here are some picture of what we like to do, Clover loves looking at herself in the camera!

It looks like she might have her daddy's hair, he has super curly hair and my hair is stick straight. And Clover's hair are starting to flip out ... super cute!

She loves kids, when we go to the Zoo or Disneyland, she stares and watches the kids; and if we would let her, she would crawl after them. So we are up for play dates, those of you out there with kids!


  1. She's changing so much. I'm glad you are eating it all up!

  2. Just found your blog... what a sweet sweet baby you have!