Tuesday, October 4, 2011


aka moving day
aka saddest day EVER
{okay enough with the aka's}

before we moved to Georgia there was some last few things we had to do
one more beach vacation
{that's my man}sell the motorcycle :(

celebrate Father's Day with my skinny Daddio
{even with my preggo bod, Brian still can't keep his hands off me}
throw a baby shower for my sis
move our stuff
{this is where reality is setting in, we are actually moving}water the flowers
enjoy as much California weather as we could

welcome taryn crimson snow
climb a tree
{and contemplate life...}
finish off swimming lessons
{cool underwater pic}brush our teeth
say goodbye to our cousins
welcome cousin shiloh hope into the world
{this is elyse right before going to the hospital}
{"i think it's just gas" "no, elyse you are in labor, gas pains don't come ever 4-6 minutes"}

{you like how my dad has a skull t-shirt on?}
say goodbye to good friends
{clover wasn't to happy, but we made her be happy :) }
and say goodbye to nana
to grandpa
and to auntie & jd...........................
it was a full summer and we miss everyone so so so much
feel free to visit
I'll post pics of our house next so you can see where you'll be staying ;)

love and miss you all!!

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