Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crimson: 3 Months & counting

. 13 lb . 24 in .
{to compare with Clover click here}

. milestones .
sits up with help
found hands and chews on them all the time
she rolled from her tummy to her back
can roll from back to side ... but not all the way to tummy yet
{all I wanted in my children was a mini me and a mini brian and one blue-eyed child, and it looks like I got it!!}
well things are a lot different than the last time I had a 3 month old
at this age Clover had already had about 3 bladder infections and within the next month would bring her first surgery
praise God for health

Instead, Crimson is going through normal baby things like.....
trying to get her to sleep all the way through the night
eat without falling asleep
take a bottle while in the nursery at church
{nap time, don't worry baby can breathe :)}
she has turned into the sweetest little baby
a godly mommy of 6 or 7 kids {I lost count} told me once that her babies that cried the most turned into the sweetest children
in our case very true

she rarely cries now
{except in the car, but whose kid doesn't cry in the car?? I'd like to know!}
she is content just lying on the couch/floor watching Clover play around her
she coos and gurgles in delight whenever someone looks at her
and is just thrilled when Clover goes to bed and mommy can finally hold her non-stop till her bedtime
{he could definitely be a Mr. Mom, he was doing dishes too}
Clover's favorite sentence for her, though, is:
"mommy, baby crying"
Taryn{crimson} use to cry so much Clover got used to it, now she doesn't cry, but Clover will still tell me this

praise the Lord my girls love each other
Clover loves to hold her when we read our rhyme bible at night
and she is always giving her hugs and kisses {leading to the babies first cold}

Okay Im going to quote a gabba song for those of you that know it and can sing along
"I love.....y love my family, my family"


  1. so happy she's not crying so much! :) your girlies just look like the sweetest things! i love the pictures of clo giving kisses...miss you guys! i'm so looking forward to seeing you in december!

  2. the pics of the girls is so sweet! and i finally figured out why i'm not getting your blog updates....i didn't change your blog address on my reader. okay, now that i've got that figured out i'll keep up a little better.

  3. one two three four five people are in my family.... we are best friends we love each other... thats my fam-i-ly... thats my fam-i-ly~

  4. Well, we have a crier on our hands now too! I'm hoping that he grows out of it as well! Miss you guys, love the updates!