Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the tour

so I've gotten asked {harassed} by many to post pictures of the house

most of these pictures are from our realtor before we moved in or ever saw the house in person
I have plenty of painting to do and decorating, and those can hopefully be {one day, maybe} an "after" blog post

I took the time to add captions to explain how the layout is
Brian laughed at me, yeah so Im weird okay?
but when I first saw the pictures before seeing the house in person it was confusing
so don't laugh at me
and if you do, don't tell me
and if you do tell me, than .... your mean

without further ado ..... our house

{what looks like an innocent little hill is actually the most wicked, evil hill EVER that kicks my butt when trying to climb the other side of it with a double stroller, curse you hill!!!!!}
{hate the green, one of the first things to be painted!}

{my ugly booger green kitchen, also to be painted straight away!}{i was getting her up from her nap and she refused to look at me and smile}
{I guess she was embarrassed that she's just in her diaper}
{oh yes, those would be my barbies in their awesome barbie limo}
and let me end by saying we would not have been able to afford this if it weren't for the Lord
{and the dropped pricing in houses}
we got an amazing deal and short sale
and after living in my dream home and doing the yard work and cleaning it
Brian and I both wonder why in the world do people think "bigger is better"
this is false ... bigger means more work! phew!
{and more places to lose your kids, not that it's happened! just saying}

ok go laugh at me behind my back now
but you know deep down how grateful you are that I labeled everything so meticulously


  1. Love it! Thanks for the tour. and sorry if I were a harraser :) hehe..

    does Taryn have her own room? {does this question mean I am harassing you for another picture?!}

  2. i love the labels! i feel like i can come over and know where i am..haha but i am a liiitle confused...are the sun room and kitchen the same space..or just both green? Your home is sooo beautiful!! :)

  3. It's so nice!! I loved the tour--and all the silly captions!! Do you really live here?!? Because I have yet to hang out with you! Can't wait to hang out and see it all in person!! So happy for you guys!! Since you have such a big house maybe you could rent out some storage space for us! ha!

  4. Julie: HA! you are allowed to harass me because I love harassing you too! Taryn is in our room right now and when she can sleep through the night she'll share a room with Clover ... good sister bonding!

    Jax: Sun room and kitchen are separated by the living room ... but the same booger green. I guess they couldn't get enough of that lovely color ?

    Mollie: you can come over anytime!

  5. Just WOW. It's amazing, praise the Lord! After showing Brandon, he asked if I wanted to move there; I said yes! Haha, but I totally understand the upkeep thing; I have a hard time keeping up this little two bedroom apartment!

    Keep checking those flights for us! :)

  6. okay first of all it looks like there is enough room for Caleb and I to move in the the master bedroom's living room...that's not too close is it? second...why isn't your blog coming up on my blog roll anymore? i'm missing your posts. third this made me cry...i might be slightly hormonal, but still i miss you guys and think we need to stop all this craziness of living across the country from each other.

  7. yeah I think the master bedroom and living room {not including the bathroom} was as big as the guest house we lived in at my grandmas! so please move in, I would LOVE to live that close to you! ha!

    I changed my web address thats why it doesn't pop up. After having taryn I didn't want it labeled "our lucky clover" anymore ... so I think you just have to delete it and then re-add it. it's now

  8. Great house- Wow... but I must say reaction to some of them was "What was the former owner thinking with some of those colors??? How could anyone possibly think that was attractive????". Praying you find a good paint sale :).

  9. You've got to be kidding me!!! What a gorgeous mansion, I mean, house the Lord has blessed you guys with! So happy for you and the fam, who knew when we were sitting together in Dr. F's waiting room what the Lord had in store for us - amazing and bountiful is His provision, love, and care. So happy for you girl!