Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Along Came Nana

one of the highlights since our move is.....
she came to visit just 2 weeks after we moved
so to make the most of our time, we jam packed it with all kinds of activites

first Clover decided to burn her hand on the tail pipe so we got to go to the burn center to start off nana's trip
parents be careful when getting kids out of the car, the tail pipe is right at their level, the burn doc said it's a common injury with toddlers
{she just misses being at the hospital, I think}
{and so do I, can you tell?}
then we went to a tea party
{she got her very own tea and tea cup, decaf of course}{and chocolate goodies}{nana, mawmaw and bebe}Brian and I celebrated 6 years of marriage
and nana babysat so we could eat this!
to burn the calories from the above
nana and I walked the dreaded hill by our house
when you walk either way from our house you have to go up a hill ... pushing a double stroller WITH a second person is still way hard!
{too tired to even look at the camera and smile}
and before we said goodbye we visited the lake nearby and got Georgia's famous clay all over our shoes and floor boards
{notice the lovely bandage and sock on Clover's burned hand}we miss you nana
and love you very very much
can't wait to see you in December!
we're going to DISNEYLAND!!!!


  1. Oh, mom is going to cry when she sees this!

  2. oooouuuccchhhh!! that is a serious burn! i hope she's feeling better! looks like such a fun trip :)

  3. Your mom is totally going to cry when she sees this!