Friday, January 6, 2012

2 years & counting

I don't even know where to start
to my lucky clover,

. my favorites .

I thank the Lord every day for you and the health he has blessed you with for the past year
you are so much fun, you bring so much joy to my heart
I miss you so much when you go to bed
I wish I could hold you all day long, but you usually only let me hold you for only a couple minutes
you are so busy and adventurous, I wish I was more like that
I love how you love your daddy and get so excited when he comes home from work
and so sad when he leaves
I love when you sing and dance
I love when you get so excited when certain songs come on
I love that you have always slept a minimum of 12 hours a night!
I love your curly hair, I'm sorry that I don't know how to style it :)
I love when you obey and then say "yay clover"
I love how you recite everyone's names that you love, over and over and over and over
{you call grandpa, panka}
I love that you love to play outside and swim, but you can also sit and read or watch a movie too
I love that you love to draw and you want me to draw with you
I love/hate when you jump off the couch, you're so excited but it's terrifying for me!
I love that you make friends with everyone around you, you get that from your daddy
I love that you play the piano and drums
I love that you love your sister
I loved it when you slept talked that one time and said my name
I love that you close your eyes and pray with us
I love your eyebrows and eyes, you are so expressive, which can make people feel uncomfortable because you look at them like you don't like them
you are so fun, funny, adventurous, excited, clumsy, innocent, sweet, crazy
and I wish I was more like you!

. your favorites .

right now is Nemo
{but it has also been Toy Story, Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Cars, Bug's Life, Incredibles, Charlie Brown}

"Don't Wait" by Dashboard Confessionals
{you always sing "ohhh", and you get so excited when we turn it on}

bible song:
My God is so Big and The B-I-B-L-E

dance music:
Charlie Brown

sleeping buddies:
muno, brobee, big bunny, peep and all your papi's {pacifiers}
{and if you could choose, mommy and daddy}

your kitchen
{you love making us tea and food, and if we don't really put the fork in our mouth, you make us do it again}

Rhyme Bible, Charlie Brown, your pink number and letter purse books
pb&j, popcorn, cheese

other things you love are stickers!
and bath time!

. funny things you've said/done .

chase us with shark thermometer saying "dun dun dun dun" {jaws theme}
wanting your papi, you'll tell us you want a nap {you only get it during bed times}
one night we found you at the front door trying to get out, looking for us {it was 1 am}
jumping from the couch saying "ready, set, goooooo" {naked}
waving at daddy from window, naked and the cars behind him were laughing at you
{fyi she's been naked a lot because we've been potty training}

. things I {and you} don't like .

you get car sick! all the time! and throw up! every time! yuck! exclamation!

. health update .

we saw new dr. and had an ultrasound. things look the same so we don't have to go back for another 12 months! yippee!
he also clarified that if the kidney did die, even then we wouldn't necessarily have to take it out; only if it started causing problems. so we could possibly be done with surgeries forever! praise the Lord! but we're still praying :)

I love you baby girl!


  1. so sweet, made me tear up! What a wonderful two years it's been watching the Lord at work in your lives!

  2. Happy Birthday Clover! She such a sweetie! I love this post - you might see one very similar pop up on our blog in a couple of months! ;)

  3. happy birthday clover! we miss you. loved reading all these fun things about you! elijah feels your pain with the car sickness and praise the Lord for your good health.

  4. I don't even have words for how much I love this post and love this little girl. Thank you, Brian and Kenzie, for having such a beautiful and sweet daughter, and for letting me be a part of her precious life. Best oldest niece EVER!!