Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cousins, weddings and christmas, oh my!

December was cah-razy this year

lets see, first my sister's family came into town with her little baby
then my parents came into town
then we got sick
then my brother in law got married
then we got on an airplane the next day to fly to california
then we had christmas, disneyland, murder mystery party, new years and lots of baby visits!

phew, are you exhausted yet?

Shiloh and Crimson are 6 weeks apart
it's so fun to see them grow up and do the same things together
{holding hands}

{auntie and shi-o, as clover calls them}
{panka, clover's word for grandpa. he loves to give her cheese and she loves to eat it}
{michael and ray ray's wedding}

{then we flew to Cali for a sunny 80 degree Christmas!}
we brought our colds with us and shared them just in time for the holidays :) we're so considerate
{a fun murder mystery Christmas party, my husband was the killer, the scoundrel}
{some more cousin time}

we also had a drop in new years eve party at my parents, since most of my friends have kids now, we celebrated east coast time so it was only 9pm for us
unfortunately we took pictures on my mom's camera for disneyland and they will probably remain on that camera until the next time I see her ..... annnnd the new years eve pictures are on a friends camera .... oh well

this is just the beginning of my catching up!
the best is yet to come too :)

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  1. so much fun all the family together, so many great memories...thanks for coming out to california...I miss you guys so much