Monday, October 22, 2012

August 2012

this will finish up our cali trip

prettty much just a picture update again...and then after that it's just disney world and then plain old life again.
 hopefully this time I can keep up with myself and not get so far behind!

clover did swimming lessons 5 days a week and by the end could swim pretty well on her own!

this is how a normal child is supposed to go underwater
takes a breath ... closes her eyes

 and this is how my child goes underwater
mouth open
 she likes to drink the water...which causes nasty diapers later
Shiloh turned 1
family! {missing Brian who was in Croatia}
 stealing birthday cake ... that's how we do.
 spending every last minute we could with friends....blowing bubbles
another disneyland pic but I had it filed under a different file and it's too cute not to post!
 cousins in matching pj's
 and a second trip to disney

and then we flew home :(
to this...
running in the rain naked {southern way to pronounce it is neh-k-ed}
ladies ... I know it's tempting, but my husband is happily married. please refrain from staring ;)

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