Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Disney World!!

hey hey! looky what I'm doing!
what????? another post already?!
you know that's right.

Disney World!
totally awesome experience!
I grew up going to Disneyland, so I was a little overwhelmed with the thought of Disney WORLD!
it literally is a whole new world {cue Aladdin song}
We went with zero expectations. My only goal was for Clover to meet princesses and have fun.
Well we did. We stood in line after line and met princess after princess. It was hot! But each time she got to talk to them I wanted to bawl like a baby.
{side note: what has mommyhood done to me?! I cry all.the.time. I don't know how to handle these emotions!}

We stayed at the Polynesian Resort, which has it's own beach. And across the beach you can see Cinderella's castle and fireworks. You can also take a boat across the lake to get to Magic Kingdom.

It was so much fun and we are so grateful to Brian's parents for taking us.

the night before, Clover got dressed up. 
all ready for anything that Disney World can throw at us. Rain or shine {which it did....both}
 One hour into our 7 hour journey.
 2 hours in.
 But we finally made it!
 The beach. You can see Cinderella's castle if you look closely.
 The resort pool and bebe.
 the girls spent most of their time on the splash pad though. they loved it.
 first visit to Cinderella's castle.
   the guy told us to do this....awkward. raise the roof!
 they're holding tinker bell.
disney maaaagic!
 celebrated 7 years of marriage! this is how I trapped him.
 having fun is exhausting.
 animal kingdom. it's dark but there's a giraffe right next to us.
 got stuck at the top of the hill on Mt. Everest.
At first I thought it was part of the ride. it was not.
 while we were stuck on Everest. Clover was making friends with this vendor.
 Tower of Terror. Rachel was just a little scared. just a little.
Everyone went on a ride and I stayed off with the baby while she slept. out of nowhere {seriously, not exaggerating} this lightening and thunder storm started. I didn't know where to go so I got under the giant {metal} mickey hat to wait it out. It poured for a long time. Brian's dad bought ponchos and at first I was like "I am not wearing this in public" well I ate my words. Everyone was wearing ponchos and I was so thankful to have it!
 I found this cinderella dress at a yard sale a year ago for around $10. And instead of taking her to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique like I wanted {too expensive} I did her hair a make up. I overheard a couple people mentioning something about Clover going to the Boutique, so I think I did a good job of faking it :) 
score one for mommy!
 dancing with Cinderella #1

 Cinderella #2

Belle #1

Belle #2
the weirdest rapunzel you'll meet...if she can be rapunzel at disney world than I can....I think I may try out! a dream come true!
this was seriously the best snow white...I really do think she was real.
Ariel in her human form ... duh...
Clover even gave Prince Eric a hug whoo whoo
thankfully each princess told her she had to wait 30 years till she could meet her own prince charming...thank you Disney!

 her favorite, Aurora {sleeping beauty for those who don't know princesses....Brenda!}

 Cinderella waving at her from the parade.
 trying to take the typical kid on the daddy's shoulders with the castle picture.....yeah didn't work. too hot.

it was so much fun but so exhausting too! 
Clover has said, at least once a day since then, that she wants to go to Disney World
we told her she can go again when she has kids ;)
We recorded a princess show that we saw there and she has watched it a bazillion times.

Truly a great memory!

and now for some Jim Gaffigan jokes on Disney World:

it truly is magical. it's the one place where you can walk all day long and still gain weight

hmm....where can I take my family on vacation, where I can stand in line all day, sweat and spend a ton of money? disney.

when I was a kid I always wondered why Dad was in bad mood on vacations, now I know ... disney


  1. What great memories you made! Love it and hope Ruby will share in the Princess love some day!

  2. i have a love hate relationship with your blog. i miss it when you don't post a lot...but then when you do it makes me miss you more. although this post made me miss disneyland more:) and i have embraced all the emotions. it was giving me a headache trying to hold back the tears all the time. i don't know what happened to me either.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH the jim gaffigan references! You are hilarious! :)

    looks like so much fun!!!!

  4. ohhhhh so sweet!when we went my daughter was obsessed with ariel and eric. :)