Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

this year I was way to preoccupied to even think about costumes
thankfully my MIL went and bought some

it was way more fun this year because Clover actually had an idea of what was going on
although she was fighting a cold, she still had fun

so here is a very Irby Halloween story
first Clover picked out a pumpkin for her and for Crimson
then we {I} drew her characters on them
{little did I know we should have just left them like this}
after much frustration we {Brian and I} finally got them carved
things I've learned:
1. you use those little pumpkin knives for a reason
2. toothpicks are great to have on hand for keeping things in place
3. never again will we try to do carvings that will require lots of thin lines
now we are ready for trick or treating with BBbut wait .... I feel like we're being watchedoh no ... it can't be!
Shoney Bear!{making his annual appearance} He must have followed us here from California!but I thought the Sheriff put him away 2 years ago!
so we called animal controlbut he tried to convince us he's changedfirst by hugging the children
but Clover saw past his ruse so he tried again by hugging someone else's child
{and pushing the stroller}well that worked
so he finished trick or treating with usand then MawMaw took off his head!!!!!
{it wouldn't be Halloween without a horror story ending :) }

Clover's favorite part besides the candy was handing out candy {who knew?}
she made some friends {and maybe baby-sitters}

what was my costume you ask?
{oh, you didn't ask? well I'll tell you anyway}
I went as a mommy who is too tired to even go shopping for normal clothes, nevermind a Halloween costume .... or you could say I went as a photographer ;)


  1. This is so funny! Thanks for sharing! You had some really cute little pumpkins!

  2. Haha. I love it, especially the picture of Clover freaking out over Brian in costume.

  3. Clover looks so much like you Kenzie!!! And your pumpkins turned out really well! Oh how I wish we all could have been together, it looks like you had so much fun!

  4. SHONEY BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. love your pumpkins!! :) my costume was along the same lines...we were working on the house before hand, so i guess i was a painter? lol
    i also love clo freaking out when brian was holding her...hahahaha
    miss you!! :)