Friday, November 11, 2011

Crimson: 4 Months & counting

. 13.5 lb . 25 in .

. milestones .

puts everything in her mouth
rolls all over the place
first laugh
reaches for & plays with toys
found her feet
started going into the nursery at the very beginning of this month and has survived! no colds {yet}

lets see, crimson, crimson, crimson
where do I even start??
I do not understand this child
I love her to pieces, but she likes to keep us guessing with what she'll do next
I'll tell you this, she hates schedules!
Clover thrived on a nap and eating schedule
Crimson wants to do what she wants, when she wants and when I try to put her on a schedule it just stresses everyone out {i.e. lots of crying}

but on the other hand
she is completely content with being set down
she'll just roll around on the floor, chewing on things and talking away
whereas Clover was always wanting to be held

different different
{a mini dr. pepper? don't mind if I do}
{drunk on the deliciousness of dr. pepper}right now I don't care
the only goal I'm working toward is getting her to sleep through the night!
please please please!!!
{maybe she's been drinking too many dr. peppers}

we had a fun little visit with our cousin Shiloh, who is 6 weeks younger than Crimson
Shiloh {unlike Crimson} is a GREAT eater
she is already bigger than Crimson!
we were hoping she would show her some techniques .... but nope

oh well
just learning to love my children for their different personalities

by the way....Crimson did not drink any dr. pepper!
it was just a photo op!


  1. Kenzie! How funny about your different girls. I found Adam thrived on schedules and Rachel not as much. She was much more flexible and I was able to get her more scheduled as she got older. But, having a baby content to be alone like that is just as good as a nap to me! That's golden :)

    Becky B.

  2. SO happy you're not giving her dr pepper...we all know it's all about diet coke, that's totally cool. :) You're girlies are beautiful!!