Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Only in the South pt.6

only in the South...

do you break your teeth on a deliciously soft waffle fry from Chikfila
I mean come on!!
I've only been here 2 months and Im losing my teeth already!

now for those of you that think Im stereotyping southern people
I have full rights to this hillbilliness

my grandpa has dentures, and most of the time doesn't where them
so there!


  1. holy cow. did you bite the fork?!

  2. nnoooOOooo! how does that happen?! :(

  3. I got my first cavity and I went out big time. It was such a big cavity that 1/4 of my tooth cracked off when I ate a fry... so now 1/4 of my tooth is fake :(

    when I first felt it and saw the tooth I thought "ew gross, someones tooth is in my french fries!" hahahah nope it was mine =/