Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Only in the South pt.7

only in the South....

can you go to a friends house
and visit a petting zoo

their neighbor has goats!
for no other reason than to own goats!

oh well, free petting zoo

there's another house on the way to church that has sheep
and when we drive by on Sunday mornings, they have a sheep dog herding them around
pretty cool.
you definitely don't see that in Burbank!


  1. au contraire! this isn't ONLY in the south! :) brendan's sister lives in the midwest and her neighbors behind her used to have a donkey...but it died or something :/ now they have two mini ponies!!! :) haha it's like a petting zoo in her backyard :)

  2. Again, so homesick! My friend Alisha had lots of property. Her dad and brother went out to deer hunt on it and found an abandon baby deer. It was their pet for the first year of it's life. They let it go and probably ate it later. :( But it was neat to see it grow.