Friday, November 4, 2011

little girls

{bear with me, this is a long post}
having little girls was something I never wanted
I grew up with a bunch of girls and there was so much emotion and drama!
{especially the high school years}
and those closest to me know that my mom used to call me "the stoic" because I refused to show emotion

now having kids I cry all the time, and I think what is this????

but since having little girls I love it
but it is hard yesterday....
I have a sick little Clover at home, and she is just plain emotional for no reason
{besides not feeling good}
my first reaction is "buck up, don't act like that"
well that doesn't get us anywhere
and then I become frustrated .... then angry .... then she cries because Im upset

I was just having this conversation with my husband last night asking
"how do I deal with this"
"do I discipline for whining? Knowing that she's whining because she's sick"
when I'm sick I don't feel good either, and I wouldn't want someone disciplining me while I'm truly not feeling good

and then low and behold I read a chapter today in the book I'm reading, that specifically addresses this trial
{isn't it neat how God always seems to be answering your questions through books or sermons on Sunday just when you need to hear them}

the book is
Loving the Little Years
by Rachel Jankovic
a lot of my close friends are reading this right now
two of them being bloggers: Jess + Julie
{and I would recommend this book to all moms! especially while your right in the middle of raising your kids, the chapters are short and meant to encourage}

Chapter 5
{I wish I could write the whole chapter but I'll refrain and try to sum it up the best I can}

it reminds you that emotions are not bad
little girls just don't know how to handle them yet
they are not disobeying out of malice {most of the time}
and so often when they fuss, we tell them "stop, don't act like that, don't do that" and they get frustrated because they think they are failing just because they are feeling that emotion

**instead we need to teach them self control so that when they feel that emotion, they learn to control themselves from just acting on impulse**

there is nothing wrong with emotion!
the same goes for older women too {aka me}
"a passionate personality that is unbridled can cause a world of damage"
"a well controlled passionate personality is a powerful thing"
hormones and emotions are real and are not sin, it is when we choose not to control ourselves that it becomes sin
off that note
I have been so convicted about being an example for my daughters
to be a proverbs 31 woman
a titus 2 woman
teaching and {more importantly} encouraging them in truth
and the only way to do this is if I'm reading the Bible and living it out
so I've started memorizing Provers 31:10-31
keep me accountable, if you see me, ask me to recite it for you!
it is never too early to start
kids are smart, even though they can't talk doesn't mean they don't understand things
they are watching and soaking up everything
ever since Clover was big enough to get into things we have recited Ephesians 6:1 to her
and I didn't realize she knew it until recently when she started talking more
{for those who don't understand her English I'll bold the words she's saying}
Ephesians 6:1
"Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right"

I don't put this up here to brag about my kid, just as an example that they know more than we think they do, so start now! {and to brag a little bit ;) }

{these are my favorite parenting books}
Don't Make Me Count to Three
by Ginger Plowman

Loving the Little Years
by Rachel Jankovic

Shepherding a Child's Heart
by Tedd Tripp

Teach Them Diligently
by Lou Priolo

{and then some of my favorite godly woman books}
Feminine Appeal
by Carolyn Mahaney

Becoming a Titus 2 Woman
by Martha Peace

Damsels in Distress
by Martha Peace

The Excellent Wife
by Martha Peace {of course}

by the way this is what Clover was doing while I'm writing this
the stickers were for keeping her preoccupied so she would stay on the potty, aww well, time to go clean up


  1. I loved it!! I love you guys so much, and I can't wait to get home from work and see you! This is Brian by the way.

  2. Praying for you, little sister, as you raise your beautiful girls! Oh, and if Clover ever finds out that you put that ADORABLE picture of her on the potty onto the Internet, you may have a problem on your hands ;-)

  3. Wow I guess you decided to grow up on me. I'm really proud. Wait pride is a sin!

  4. Oh, and why is Peep in the kitchen cupboard with the Tupperware?? :)

  5. love this, kenzie! i want to read all those books even though i can't apply anything yet...haha looks like you're having lots of fun with your girls :)

  6. Thanks for that encouragement Kenz! While I'm raising a little boy, he's got emotions too (although I THOUGHT I was escaping that when I found out he was a "he") and I know that soon I will have to deal with those just like you! I guess I better hop to reading that book...everyone's doing it! P.S. LOVE watching Clo recite fun!

  7. a couple things...1. you have some of the cutes girls I've ever seen (and i'm not just saying that)
    2. your blog is the ONLY one that the music playing doesn't drive me insane. I actually sometimes just let it play over and over while I'm doing other things.
    3. loved that book. and all the ones you mentioned that i've read...and now i have some more to add to my reading list.
    4. i read that whole chapter outloud to Caleb. Loved it.
    5. Boys have emotions too...didn't think so, but they do, and it's a little shocking cause you don't think they should have any and I'm really at a loss at times.

    Okay, as Elijah would say..."that's it." oh...except...i miss you!