Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goodbye Fall

the Fall is so beautiful and I'm going to miss it
but before it's completely gone here are some of the reasons why I love it

the weather is perfect
especially be in Georgia, the Fall here is like perfect California weather
the bugs leave
the humidity is gone
and its not cold yet
wait did you catch that .... no bugs!
just perfect

to play outside
go to pumpkin patches
also we get a variety of colors here too
I mean, we have fall in the west, but here it really is FALL
this is our tree outside, it started out green/yellow
then yellow/orange
then yellow/orange/red
and then finally red
and when they all fell off....
leaf piles!!
starbucks of course
pumpkin spice or white mocha
{this is a pic I would take of myself, but Clover is way cuter than me}

but now the leaves are almost all gone ... and it'll start getting cold soon
the trees blocking the view of our living room from our neighbors are bare
{so we either need to invest in some curtains pronto, or allow the neighbors to see what kind of freaks live next to them}
and I have absolutely zero idea how to dress children {or myself} for cold weather!
have a nice trip? see ya next fall!


  1. No, no, no...CHAI TEA LATTES are the best part of fall at Starbucks. Just ask Clover, that's the remainder of mine that she's finishing off in that picture :)

  2. Oh yeah? Well its cold in California too. It drops into the low 50s when I ride my "hog" to work in the morning.

  3. if you need any tips about how to dress 2 little girls in cold weather let me know! i do it half the year here! our fall is beautiful here but its going away fast...we're already to the 20's